Address: 1401 Maurer, Wilton, IA, 52778      Phone:  563-732-2084

Directions:  Our church is located on the north end of Wilton, just north of Division St., which is also called Cedar-Muscatine.  Maurer St. actually changes to Spicer right after you get to the church.  Some of the online map sites like Google Maps and Mapquest do not show the proper location for our church when you use the correct address of 1401 Maurer, but it does get pretty close.  Click here to view our location on a map.

Getting around the church: As you can see in this satellite view, we have parking lots on the north and south sides of the church.   If you park in the south lot, you will go down a long hallway past some of the Sunday School rooms.  As you near the end of the hallway, the nursery and restrooms will be on your left side, and the secretary and pastor’s offices are on the right.  The pastor’s office marks the end of the hallway before you get to the fellowship hall and the sanctuary.  As you come around the corner past the pastor’s office, you will see the coat rack to the right. If you park in the smaller north parking lot, you will have two doors to pick from.  The one to the right takes you in to the kitchen and out into fellowship hall.  The one straight ahead takes you directly into the sanctuary.